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We look forward to welcoming you at our boutique and help you find your dream BERTA gown! 

To find your dream dress for the big day, please select Bridal appointment.
If you have already purchased your dress and would like to come in for alterations, please select the Alterations appointment.

Already had an appointment and would like to come back? We've got you covered!
Please select 'Returning appointment' and our team will get back to you as soon as possible

Have a special event and on the hunt for the perfect evening dress? Mother of the bride or groom and interested in matching with a BERTA evening gown? We are happy to offer evening appointments and help you find the perfect outfit for any occasion that calls for a fabulous look!
Please note that we charge a booking fee according to the appointment type.
Bridal and evening appointments will have a booking fee of $100, for sample appointments $50.
Both fees are non-refundable if canceled less than 48 hours before the appointment 
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